Panel Class

Panels are used for drawing raw menus without any extra helper functions. Handles must be closed via delete or CloseHandle().

Methods 7

Name Description

Returns whether or not the given drawing flags are supported by the menu style.


Draws an item on a panel. If the item takes up a slot, the position is returned.


Draws a raw line of text on a panel, without any markup other than a newline.


Constructor for a new Panel.


Sends a panel to a client. Unlike full menus, the handler function will only receive the following actions, both of which will have null for a menu, and the client as param1.


Sets the selectable key map of a panel. This is not supported by all styles (only by Radio, as of this writing).


Sets the panel's title.

Properties 3

Name Type Description

Returns the amount of text the menu can still hold. If this is limit is reached or overflowed, the text is silently truncated.


Returns or sets the current key position, starting at 1. This cannot be used to traverse backwards.


Returns the panel's style. Style handles are global and cannot be closed.