TR_EnumerateEntities Function

Enumerates over entities along a ray. This may find entities that are close to the ray but do not actually intersect it. Use TR_Clip*RayToEntity with TR_DidHit to check if the ray actually intersects the entity.

void TR_EnumerateEntities(const float pos[3], const float vec[3], int mask, RayType rtype, TraceEntityEnumerator enumerator, any data)


const float[3] pos

Starting position of the ray.

const float[3] vec

Depending on RayType, it will be used as the ending point, or the direction angle.

int mask

Mask to use for the trace. See PARTITION_* flags.

RayType rtype

Method to calculate the ray direction.

TraceEntityEnumerator enumerator

Function to use as enumerator. For each entity found along the ray, this function is called.

any data

Arbitrary data value to pass through to the enumerator.