GetMapDisplayName Function

Get the display name of a workshop map.

Note: You do not need to call FindMap first. This native will call FindMap internally.

bool GetMapDisplayName(const char[] map, char[] displayName, int maxlen)


const char[] map

Map name (usually same as map path relative to maps/ dir, excluding .bsp extension).

char[] displayName

Map's display name, i.e. cp_mymapname or de_mymapname. If FindMap returns FindMap_PossiblyAvailable or FindMap_NotFound, the map cannot be resolved and this native will return false, but displayName will be a copy of map.

int maxlen

Maximum length to write to displayName var.

Return Value

true if FindMap returns FindMap_Found, FindMap_FuzzyMatch, or FindMap_NonCanonical. false if FindMap returns FindMap_PossiblyAvailable or FindMap_NotFound.