FindNextConCommand Function

Reads the next entry in a ConCommandBase iterator.

bool FindNextConCommand(Handle search, char[] buffer, int max_size, bool& isCommand, int& flags, char[] description, int descrmax_size)


Handle search

ConCmdIter Handle to search.

char[] buffer

Buffer to store entry name.

int max_size

Maximum size of the buffer.

bool& isCommand

Variable to store whether the entry is a command. If it is not a command, it is a ConVar.

int& flags

Variable to store entry flags.

char[] description

Buffer to store the description, empty if no description present.

int descrmax_size

Maximum size of the description buffer.

Return Value

On success, the outputs are filled, the iterator is advanced to the next entry, and true is returned. If no more entries exist, false is returned, and the contents of outputs is undefined.