TR_TraceHullFilterEx Function

Starts up a new trace hull using a new trace result and a customized trace ray filter.

Calling TR_Trace*Filter or TR_Trace*FilterEx from inside a filter function is currently not allowed and may not work.

Handle TR_TraceHullFilterEx(const float pos[3], const float vec[3], const float mins[3], const float maxs[3], int flags, TraceEntityFilter filter, any data)


const float[3] pos

Starting position of the ray.

const float[3] vec

Ending position of the ray.

const float[3] mins

Hull minimum size.

const float[3] maxs

Hull maximum size.

int flags

Trace flags.

TraceEntityFilter filter

Function to use as a filter.

any data

Arbitrary data value to pass through to the filter function.

Return Value

Ray trace handle, which must be closed via CloseHandle().