RegAdminCmd Function

Creates a console command as an administrative command. If the command does not exist, it is created. When this command is invoked, the access rights of the player are automatically checked before allowing it to continue.

Admin commands are case sensitive from both the client and server.

void RegAdminCmd(const char[] cmd, ConCmd callback, int adminflags, const char[] description, const char[] group, int flags)


const char[] cmd

String containing command to register.

ConCmd callback

A function to use as a callback for when the command is invoked.

int adminflags

Administrative flags (bitstring) to use for permissions.

const char[] description

Optional description to use for help.

const char[] group

String containing the command group to use. If empty, the plugin's filename will be used instead.

int flags

Optional console flags.


Command name is the same as an existing convar.