FindFirstConCommand Function

Starts a ConCommandBase search, traversing the list of ConVars and ConCommands. If a Handle is returned, the next entry must be read via FindNextConCommand(). The order of the list is undefined.

Handle FindFirstConCommand(char[] buffer, int max_size, bool& isCommand, int& flags, char[] description, int descrmax_size)


char[] buffer

Buffer to store entry name.

int max_size

Maximum size of the buffer.

bool& isCommand

Variable to store whether the entry is a command. If it is not a command, it is a ConVar.

int& flags

Variable to store entry flags.

char[] description

Buffer to store the description, empty if no description present.

int descrmax_size

Maximum size of the description buffer.

Return Value

On success, a ConCmdIter Handle is returned, which can be read via FindNextConCommand(), and must be closed via CloseHandle(). Additionally, the output parameters will be filled with information of the first ConCommandBase entry. On failure, INVALID_HANDLE is returned, and the contents of outputs is undefined.