InternalShowMenu Function

This function is provided for legacy code only. Some older plugins may use network messages instead of the panel API. This function wraps the panel API for eased portability into the SourceMod menu system.

This function is only usable with the Radio Menu style. You do not need to split up your menu into multiple packets; SourceMod will break the string up internally.

bool InternalShowMenu(int client, const char[] str, int time, int keys, MenuHandler handler)


int client

Client index.

const char[] str

Full menu string as would be passed over the network.

int time

Time to hold the menu for.

int keys

Selectable key bitstring.

MenuHandler handler

Optional handler function, with the same rules as SendPanelToClient().

Return Value

True on success, false on failure.


Invalid client index, or radio menus not supported.