TE_SetupBeamRingPoint Function

Sets up a beam ring point effect.

void TE_SetupBeamRingPoint(const float center[3], float Start_Radius, float End_Radius, int ModelIndex, int HaloIndex, int StartFrame, int FrameRate, float Life, float Width, float Amplitude, const int Color[4], int Speed, int Flags)


const float[3] center

Center position of the ring.

float Start_Radius

Initial ring radius.

float End_Radius

Final ring radius.

int ModelIndex

Precached model index.

int HaloIndex

Precached model index.

int StartFrame

Initial frame to render.

int FrameRate

Ring frame rate.

float Life

Time duration of the ring.

float Width

Beam width.

float Amplitude

Beam amplitude.

const int[4] Color

Color array (r, g, b, a).

int Speed

Speed of the beam.

int Flags

Beam flags.