LoadTopMenuConfig Function

Re-sorts the items in a TopMenu via a configuration file.

The format of the configuration file should be a Valve Key-Values formatted file that SourceMod can parse. There should be one root section, and one sub-section for each category. Each sub-section's name should match the category name.

Each sub-section may only contain key/value pairs in the form of: key: "item" value: Name of the item as passed to AddToTopMenu().

The TopMenu will draw items in the order declared in the configuration file. If items do not appear in the configuration file, they are sorted per-player based on how the handler function renders for that player. These items appear after the configuration sorted items.

bool LoadTopMenuConfig(Handle topmenu, const char[] file, char[] error, int maxlength)


Handle topmenu

TopMenu Handle.

const char[] file

File path.

char[] error

Error buffer.

int maxlength

Maximum size of the error buffer. Error buffer will be filled with a zero-terminated string if false is returned.

Return Value

True on success, false on failure.


Invalid TopMenu Handle.