SourceMod SDK  1.7
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 IAdminSystem.hDefines the interface to manage the Admin Users/Groups and Override caches
 IADTFactory.hCreates abstract data types
 IDataPack.hContains functions for packing data abstractly to/from plugins. The wrappers for creating these are contained in ISourceMod.h
 IDBDriver.hDefines interfaces for interacting with relational databases
 IExtensionSys.hDefines the interface for loading/unloading/managing extensions
 IForwardSys.hDefines the interface for managing collections ("forwards") of plugin calls
 IGameConfigs.hAbstracts game private data configuration
 IGameHelpers.hProvides Source helper functions
 IHandleSys.hDefines the interface for creating, reading, and removing Handles
 ILibrarySys.hDefines platform-dependent operations, such as opening libraries and files
 IMemoryUtils.hInterface for finding patterns in memory
 IMenuManager.hAbstracts on-screen menus for clients
 INativeInvoker.hInterface for invoking natives
 IPlayerHelpers.hDefines basic helper functions for Half-Life 2 clients
 IPluginSys.hDefines the interface for the Plugin System, which manages loaded plugins
 IRootConsoleMenu.hDefines the interface for adding options to the "sm" console command
 IShareSys.hDefines the Share System, responsible for shared resources and dependencies
 ISourceMod.hDefines miscellaneous helper functions useful to extensions
 ITextParsers.hDefines various text/file parsing functions, as well as UTF-8 support code
 IThreader.hContains platform independent routines for threading. These tools should be considered deprecated. Use public/amtl/am-thread-utils.h
 ITimerSystem.hContains functions for creating and managing timers
 ITranslator.hDefines interfaces related to translation files
 IUserMessages.hContains functions for advanced usermessage hooking
 sm_namehashset.hStores a set of uniquely named objects
 sm_platform.hContains platform-specific macros for abstraction
 sm_stringhashmap.hGeneric Key -> Value map class, based on a hash table. The Key, in this case, is always an ASCII string, and the value type is a template parameter. This class is intended as a drop-in replacement for KTrie (though the retrieve() signature has been improved)
 sm_trie_tpl.hDEPRECATED. This class scales extremely poorly; insertion scales quadratic (O(n^2)) with respect to the number of elements in the table. Only use this class if you have less than 200 elements or so. Otherwise, use StringHashMap in sm_hashtable.h which scales linearly and has comparable retrievable performance
 smsdk_ext.cppContains wrappers for making Extensions easier to write
 smsdk_ext.hContains wrappers for making Extensions easier to write