SourceMod SDK  1.7
IMenuManager.h File Reference

Abstracts on-screen menus for clients. More...

#include <IShareSys.h>
#include <IHandleSys.h>

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struct  SourceMod::menu_slots_t
 Pairs an item type with an item menu position. More...
struct  SourceMod::menu_states_t
 Describes menu display information. More...
struct  SourceMod::ItemDrawInfo
 Information about item drawing. More...
struct  SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t
 Contains information about a vote result. More...
struct  SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::menu_client_vote_t
struct  SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::menu_item_vote_t
class  SourceMod::IMenuPanel
 Sets how a raw menu should be drawn. More...
class  SourceMod::IMenuStyle
 Describes a "MenuStyle" system which manages menu drawing and construction. More...
class  SourceMod::IBaseMenu
 High-level interface for building menus. More...
class  SourceMod::IMenuHandler
 Contains callbacks for menu actions. More...
class  SourceMod::IMenuManager
 Manages menu creation and displaying. More...


#define ITEMDRAW_DEFAULT   (0)
#define ITEMDRAW_DISABLED   (1<<0)
#define ITEMDRAW_RAWLINE   (1<<1)
#define ITEMDRAW_NOTEXT   (1<<2)
#define ITEMDRAW_SPACER   (1<<3)
#define ITEMDRAW_IGNORE   ((1<<1)|(1<<2))
#define ITEMDRAW_CONTROL   (1<<4)
#define MENUFLAG_BUTTON_EXIT   (1<<0)
#define MENUFLAG_NO_SOUND   (1<<2)
#define VOTEFLAG_NO_REVOTES   (1<<0)


enum  ItemSelection {
  SourceMod::ItemSel_None, SourceMod::ItemSel_Back, SourceMod::ItemSel_Next, SourceMod::ItemSel_Exit,
  SourceMod::ItemSel_Item, SourceMod::ItemSel_ExitBack
 Used to determine how an item selection is interpreted.
enum  ItemOrder { SourceMod::ItemOrder_Ascending, SourceMod::ItemOrder_Descending }
 Used to determine which order to search for items in.
enum  MenuCancelReason {
  SourceMod::MenuCancel_Disconnected = -1, SourceMod::MenuCancel_Interrupted = -2, SourceMod::MenuCancel_Exit = -3, SourceMod::MenuCancel_NoDisplay = -4,
  SourceMod::MenuCancel_Timeout = -5, SourceMod::MenuCancel_ExitBack = -6
 Reasons for a menu dying.
enum  MenuEndReason {
  SourceMod::MenuEnd_Selected = 0, SourceMod::MenuEnd_VotingDone = -1, SourceMod::MenuEnd_VotingCancelled = -2, SourceMod::MenuEnd_Cancelled = -3,
  SourceMod::MenuEnd_Exit = -4, SourceMod::MenuEnd_ExitBack = -5
 Reasons a menu ended.
enum  VoteCancelReason { SourceMod::VoteCancel_Generic = -1, SourceMod::VoteCancel_NoVotes = -2 }
 Reasons a vote can be cancelled.
enum  MenuOption { SourceMod::MenuOption_IntroMessage, SourceMod::MenuOption_IntroColor, SourceMod::MenuOption_Priority }
 Extended menu options.
enum  MenuSource { SourceMod::MenuSource_None = 0, SourceMod::MenuSource_External = 1, SourceMod::MenuSource_BaseMenu = 2, SourceMod::MenuSource_Display = 3 }
 Describes the menu a player is viewing.

Detailed Description

Abstracts on-screen menus for clients.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ITEMDRAW_CONTROL   (1<<4)

Item is control text (back/next/exit)

#define ITEMDRAW_DEFAULT   (0)

Item should be drawn normally

#define ITEMDRAW_DISABLED   (1<<0)

Item is drawn but not selectable

#define ITEMDRAW_IGNORE   ((1<<1)|(1<<2))

Item should be completely ignored (rawline + notext)

#define ITEMDRAW_NOTEXT   (1<<2)

No text should be drawn

#define ITEMDRAW_RAWLINE   (1<<1)

Item should be a raw line, without a slot

#define ITEMDRAW_SPACER   (1<<3)

Item should be drawn as a spacer, if possible


Menu should not be paginated (10 items max)


Menu should be displayed as long as possible

#define MENUFLAG_BUTTON_EXIT   (1<<0)

Menu has an "exit" button


Menu has an "exit back" button


Menu has a "No Vote" button at slot 1

#define MENUFLAG_NO_SOUND   (1<<2)

Menu will not have any select sounds


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#define VOTEFLAG_NO_REVOTES   (1<<0)

Players cannot change their votes