SourceMod SDK  1.7
SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t Struct Reference

Contains information about a vote result. More...

#include <public/IMenuManager.h>


struct  menu_client_vote_t
struct  menu_item_vote_t

Public Attributes

unsigned int num_clients
unsigned int num_votes
struct SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::menu_client_vote_tclient_list
unsigned int num_items
struct SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::menu_item_vote_titem_list

Detailed Description

Contains information about a vote result.

Member Data Documentation

struct SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::menu_client_vote_t * SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::client_list

Array of size num_clients

struct SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::menu_item_vote_t * SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::item_list

Array of size num_items, sorted by count, descending

unsigned int SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::num_clients

Number of clients the menu was displayed to

unsigned int SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::num_items

Number of items voted for

unsigned int SourceMod::menu_vote_result_t::num_votes

Number of votes received

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