SourceMod SDK  1.7
SourceMod::menu_states_t Struct Reference

Describes menu display information. More...

#include <public/IMenuManager.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned int apiVers
unsigned int firstItem
unsigned int lastItem
unsigned int item_on_page
menu_slots_t slots [11]

Detailed Description

Describes menu display information.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int SourceMod::menu_states_t::apiVers

Must be filled with the API version

unsigned int SourceMod::menu_states_t::firstItem

MENU ONLY: First item displayed on the last page

unsigned int SourceMod::menu_states_t::item_on_page

MENU ONLY: First item on page

unsigned int SourceMod::menu_states_t::lastItem

MENU ONLY: Last item displayed on the last page

IBaseMenu* SourceMod::menu_states_t::menu

Menu pointer, or NULL if there is only a display

IMenuHandler* SourceMod::menu_states_t::mh

Menu callbacks handler

menu_slots_t SourceMod::menu_states_t::slots[11]

MENU ONLY: Item selection table (first index is 1)

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