SourceMod SDK  1.7
public Directory Reference


file  AutoHandleRooter.h [code]
file  compat_wrappers.h [code]
file  IAdminSystem.h [code]
 Defines the interface to manage the Admin Users/Groups and Override caches.
file  IADTFactory.h [code]
 Creates abstract data types.
file  IDataPack.h [code]
 Contains functions for packing data abstractly to/from plugins. The wrappers for creating these are contained in ISourceMod.h.
file  IDBDriver.h [code]
 Defines interfaces for interacting with relational databases.
file  IExtensionSys.h [code]
 Defines the interface for loading/unloading/managing extensions.
file  IForwardSys.h [code]
 Defines the interface for managing collections ("forwards") of plugin calls.
file  IGameConfigs.h [code]
 Abstracts game private data configuration.
file  IGameHelpers.h [code]
 Provides Source helper functions.
file  IHandleSys.h [code]
 Defines the interface for creating, reading, and removing Handles.
file  ILibrarySys.h [code]
 Defines platform-dependent operations, such as opening libraries and files.
file  IMemoryUtils.h [code]
 Interface for finding patterns in memory.
file  IMenuManager.h [code]
 Abstracts on-screen menus for clients.
file  INativeInvoker.h [code]
 Interface for invoking natives.
file  IPlayerHelpers.h [code]
 Defines basic helper functions for Half-Life 2 clients.
file  IPluginSys.h [code]
 Defines the interface for the Plugin System, which manages loaded plugins.
file  IRootConsoleMenu.h [code]
 Defines the interface for adding options to the "sm" console command.
file  IShareSys.h [code]
 Defines the Share System, responsible for shared resources and dependencies.
file  ISourceMod.h [code]
 Defines miscellaneous helper functions useful to extensions.
file  ITextParsers.h [code]
 Defines various text/file parsing functions, as well as UTF-8 support code.
file  IThreader.h [code]
 Contains platform independent routines for threading. These tools should be considered deprecated. Use public/amtl/am-thread-utils.h.
file  ITimerSystem.h [code]
 Contains functions for creating and managing timers.
file  ITranslator.h [code]
 Defines interfaces related to translation files.
file  IUserMessages.h [code]
 Contains functions for advanced usermessage hooking.
file  metamod_wrappers.h [code]
file  sm_memtable.h [code]
file  sm_namehashset.h [code]
 Stores a set of uniquely named objects.
file  sm_platform.h [code]
 Contains platform-specific macros for abstraction.
file  sm_queue.h [code]
file  sm_stringhashmap.h [code]
 Generic Key -> Value map class, based on a hash table. The Key, in this case, is always an ASCII string, and the value type is a template parameter. This class is intended as a drop-in replacement for KTrie (though the retrieve() signature has been improved).
file  sm_trie_tpl.h [code]
 DEPRECATED. This class scales extremely poorly; insertion scales quadratic (O(n^2)) with respect to the number of elements in the table. Only use this class if you have less than 200 elements or so. Otherwise, use StringHashMap in sm_hashtable.h which scales linearly and has comparable retrievable performance.
file  smsdk_ext.cpp
 Contains wrappers for making Extensions easier to write.
file  smsdk_ext.h [code]
 Contains wrappers for making Extensions easier to write.
file  sourcemod_version.h [code]
file  vtable_hook_helper.h [code]