SourceMod SDK  1.7
IAdminSystem.h File Reference

Defines the interface to manage the Admin Users/Groups and Override caches. More...

#include <IShareSys.h>

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class  SourceMod::IAdminListener
 Provides callbacks for admin cache operations. More...
class  SourceMod::IAdminSystem
 Provides functions for manipulating the admin options cache. More...


#define ADMFLAG_RESERVATION   (1<<0)
#define ADMFLAG_GENERIC   (1<<1)
#define ADMFLAG_KICK   (1<<2)
#define ADMFLAG_BAN   (1<<3)
#define ADMFLAG_UNBAN   (1<<4)
#define ADMFLAG_SLAY   (1<<5)
#define ADMFLAG_CHANGEMAP   (1<<6)
#define ADMFLAG_CONVARS   (1<<7)
#define ADMFLAG_CONFIG   (1<<8)
#define ADMFLAG_CHAT   (1<<9)
#define ADMFLAG_VOTE   (1<<10)
#define ADMFLAG_PASSWORD   (1<<11)
#define ADMFLAG_RCON   (1<<12)
#define ADMFLAG_CHEATS   (1<<13)
#define ADMFLAG_ROOT   (1<<14)
#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM1   (1<<15)
#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM2   (1<<16)
#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM3   (1<<17)
#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM4   (1<<18)
#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM5   (1<<19)
#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM6   (1<<20)
#define INVALID_GROUP_ID   -1
 Represents an invalid/nonexistent group or an erroneous operation.
#define INVALID_ADMIN_ID   -1
 Represents an invalid/nonexistent user or an erroneous operation.


typedef int SourceMod::GroupId
 Represents an index to one group.
typedef int SourceMod::AdminId
 Represents an index to one user entry.
typedef unsigned int SourceMod::FlagBits
 Admin permission levels.


enum  AdminFlag {
  SourceMod::Admin_Reservation = 0, SourceMod::Admin_Generic, SourceMod::Admin_Kick, SourceMod::Admin_Ban,
  SourceMod::Admin_Unban, SourceMod::Admin_Slay, SourceMod::Admin_Changemap, SourceMod::Admin_Convars,
  SourceMod::Admin_Config, SourceMod::Admin_Chat, SourceMod::Admin_Vote, SourceMod::Admin_Password,
  SourceMod::Admin_RCON, SourceMod::Admin_Cheats, SourceMod::Admin_Root, SourceMod::Admin_Custom1,
  SourceMod::Admin_Custom2, SourceMod::Admin_Custom3, SourceMod::Admin_Custom4, SourceMod::Admin_Custom5,
  SourceMod::Admin_Custom6, AdminFlags_TOTAL
 Access levels (flags) for admins.
enum  OverrideType { SourceMod::Override_Command = 1, SourceMod::Override_CommandGroup }
 Specifies which type of command to override (command or command group).
enum  OverrideRule { SourceMod::Command_Deny = 0, SourceMod::Command_Allow = 1 }
 Specifies how a command is overridden for a user group.
enum  ImmunityType { SourceMod::Immunity_Default = 1, SourceMod::Immunity_Global }
 DEPRECATED. Specifies a generic immunity type.
enum  AccessMode { SourceMod::Access_Real, SourceMod::Access_Effective }
 Defines user access modes.
enum  AdminCachePart { SourceMod::AdminCache_Overrides = 0, SourceMod::AdminCache_Groups = 1, SourceMod::AdminCache_Admins = 2 }
 Represents the various cache regions.

Detailed Description

Defines the interface to manage the Admin Users/Groups and Override caches.

The administration system is more of a volatile cache than a system. It is designed to be temporary rather than permanent, in order to compensate for more storage methods. For example, a flat file might be read into the cache all at once. But a MySQL-based system might only cache admin permissions when that specific admin connects.

The override cache is the simplest to explain. Any time an override is added, any existing and all future commands will gain a new access level set by the override. If unset, the default access level is restored. This cache is dynamically changeable.

The group cache contains, for each group: 1] A set of inherent flags - fully readable/writable. 2] An immunity table - insertion and retrieval only. 3] An override table - insertion and retrieval only. Individual groups can be invalidated entirely. It should be considered an expensive operation, since each admin needs to be patched up to not reference the group.

For more information, see the SourceMod Development wiki.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ADMFLAG_BAN   (1<<3)

Convenience macro for Admin_Ban as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CHANGEMAP   (1<<6)

Convenience macro for Admin_Changemap as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CHAT   (1<<9)

Convenience macro for Admin_Chat as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CHEATS   (1<<13)

Convenience macro for Admin_Cheats as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CONFIG   (1<<8)

Convenience macro for Admin_Config as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CONVARS   (1<<7)

Convenience macro for Admin_Convars as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM1   (1<<15)

Convenience macro for Admin_Custom1 as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM2   (1<<16)

Convenience macro for Admin_Custom2 as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM3   (1<<17)

Convenience macro for Admin_Custom3 as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM4   (1<<18)

Convenience macro for Admin_Custom4 as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM5   (1<<19)

Convenience macro for Admin_Custom5 as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_CUSTOM6   (1<<20)

Convenience macro for Admin_Custom6 as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_GENERIC   (1<<1)

Convenience macro for Admin_Generic as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_KICK   (1<<2)

Convenience macro for Admin_Kick as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_PASSWORD   (1<<11)

Convenience macro for Admin_Password as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_RCON   (1<<12)

Convenience macro for Admin_RCON as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_RESERVATION   (1<<0)

Convenience macro for Admin_Reservation as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_ROOT   (1<<14)

Convenience macro for Admin_Root as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_SLAY   (1<<5)

Convenience macro for Admin_Slay as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_UNBAN   (1<<4)

Convenience macro for Admin_Unban as a FlagBit

#define ADMFLAG_VOTE   (1<<10)

Convenience macro for Admin_Vote as a FlagBit


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