SourceMod SDK  1.7
IShareSys.h File Reference

Defines the Share System, responsible for shared resources and dependencies. More...

#include <sp_vm_types.h>
#include <sp_vm_api.h>

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class  SourceMod::IFeatureProvider
 Provides a capability feature. More...
class  SourceMod::SMInterface
 Defines the base functionality required by a shared interface. More...
class  SourceMod::IShareSys
 Tracks dependencies and fires dependency listeners. More...


typedef HandleType_t SourceMod::IdentityType_t


enum  FeatureType { SourceMod::FeatureType_Native, SourceMod::FeatureType_Capability }
 Types of features.
enum  FeatureStatus { SourceMod::FeatureStatus_Available = 0, SourceMod::FeatureStatus_Unavailable, SourceMod::FeatureStatus_Unknown }
 Feature presence status codes.

Detailed Description

Defines the Share System, responsible for shared resources and dependencies.

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