Metamod:Source 1.00 Released, CS:S DM too Aug 07, 2005 07:28
This is a quick, very small fix-it release for SourceMM. You can get the binaries from

More importantly is that this release requires compiling against GCC-3.4, as the HL2SDK does. As such there are no earlier glibc versions anymore.

Lastly, I mentioned on the devlog that I would release a surprise. It took about a month to finish in my spare time, but you can read about CS:S DM here.


Note to moderators: You can delete the daily requests for CS:S DM now :)
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Metamod:Source 1.00-RC2 Released! Jul 07, 2005 17:27
Metamod:Source 1.00-RC2 has been released. This update fixes many important bugs and adds some useful usage and coding features. You can get the binaries by visiting

Note that with this release we've separated Linux by glibc versions. You can either try using the earliest version available, or using the documentation to find exactly which version is most compatible with your system.

Thanks to PM for making this release possible! If you have any problems or questions, visit the Metamod:Source section on the SourceMod forums.


- Added API for dealing with ConCommandBase registration (cvars/concmds).
This is to fix the fact that Valve API provides no way to unlist a cvar/cmd.
- Added two new commands - "meta cmds" and "meta cvars".
- Added API calls for correctly printing to the console such that rcon
will also receive messages that a plugin prints.
This problem was mentioned on hlcoders and Valve offered no reply.
- Added event hooking and cvar samples to sample_mm.
- Added new cvar, mm_pluginsfile, which defaults to "addons/metamod/metaplugins.ini".
- Fixed a bug where multiple vtable patches on the same hook were not re-patched when removed.
This caused a crash when two hooks were declared on one function, the first was removed, and
the original function was then called.
- Fixed "meta clear" not unloading all plugins.
- Fixed Metamod:Source loading plugins with a higher current API version.
- Fixed whitespace being parsed in metaplugins.ini.
- Fixed bug where SourceHook tried to patch already destroyed/unavailable memory.
- Bumped Plugin API version to 6.
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Release! Metamod: Source May 06, 2005 13:15
Many people have wondered where SourceMod has been the past few months. Well, that reason is finally revealed: We've been working on another project! In a secret, underground laboratory, the SourceMod project was split into SourceMod and Metamod: Source.

The consensus has been that developers are unhappy with the Server Plugin interface from Valve, and we believe this is the solution. Metamod: Source gives a very powerful and flexible interface to the Half-Life 2 engine. It also solves the problem of multiple plugins trying to "hack" the same areas in memory.

Today, we've released the very first release candidate of Metamod: Source. To get binaries, find more information about developing, plugin creation, tutorials, sample plugins, etc., visit the website at:

The SourceMM/Metamod:Source project is lead by PM OnoTo. Thanks for all his hard work toward the SourceHook library! PM has some more thoughts on the devlog:
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April Fool's Day Joke Apr 01, 2005 07:31
it's still teh 1st here in UK u sure ur date aint incorrect :P
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Hosting Available Mar 19, 2005 12:11
In response to public outcry, we're now going to let plugin developers have their own forums here on the SourceMod forums, as well as a CVS repository if they want it.

There are a few requirements, which you can read below, otherwise PM or e-mail me (BAILOPAN) to inquire about getting your own forum here for your Server Plugin.

The requirements: Your should either have one plugin, or a group of plugins that have amassed some popularity. You should be actively willing to maintain and moderate your section of the forum. You cannot advertise or sell things. On request, you can also get CVS+SSH access as well as limited web space on our server.

This is intended for open source developers, but it's open to anyone who's doing HL2 modding.
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