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Build Download Change Details Src
6332 Add new weapons to CSWeaponID enum. (#869)
6331 Update to sm_ban, sm_kick, & sm_map in chat with no args to display menu (#838)
6330 Add missing MarkNativeAsOptional for SetAuthIdCookie native (#879)
6329 Remove `MAPLIST_FLAG_NO_DEFAULT` misuses (#870)
6328 Fix SetClanTag CS:GO Windows Signature (#868)
6327 Burninate IDataPack (#864)
6326 Add new Traceray natives (#754)
6325 Update blacklist.plugins.txt
6324 Fix DataPack Overwrite Regression (#862)
6323 Mark new methodmap natives as optional (#867)
6322 Trigger build against hl2sdk-tf2 update.
6321 Deprecate FormatUserLogText (#856)
6320 Fix LogStackTrace Anomaly (#863)
6319 Flip sm_debug_connect to "1" (#860)
6318 Add missing return value documentation (#854)
6317 Allow any returns in native callbacks (#857)
6316 Fix English style in (#855)
6315 NPOTB: Fix clang-3.9 failures with Travis-CI (#851)
6314 NPOTB: Add Discord and IRC Server to
6313 Fix DataPack memory leak regression from #848. (#850)
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