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Build Download Change Details Src
6315 NPOTB: Fix clang-3.9 failures with Travis-CI (#851)
6314 NPOTB: Add Discord and IRC Server to
6313 Fix DataPack memory leak regression from #848. (#850)
6312 Preserve old DataPack behavior when overwriting data (#848)
6311 Update CS:GO mac64/linux64 gamedata.
6310 Fix CS:GO weaponPrice offset.
6309 Add move semantics for StringHashMap (#589)
6308 Fix sm_help erroring out if invoked during the connection process (#723)
6307 Collection of plugin cleanups (#777)
6306 Enable radio menus for IOSoccer.
6305 Add base CommandIterator implementation (#819)
6304 Individualize NameHashSet Hashing & Revisit #709 (#740)
6303 Changed "entiy" to "entity" in IsEntNetworkable (#847)
6302 Make SQL_QuoteString deprecated (#792)
6301 Add Profiler methodmap (#814)
6300 "sound" folder instead "sounds" (#790)
6299 Update SDKTools sound functionality for hl2sdk-csgo changes.
6298 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo update.
6297 Merge branch 'master' of
6295 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo update.
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