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Build Download Change Details Src
6380 Ignore SM site certificate when downloading GeoIP
6379 Get GeoIP data from SM site for now
6378 Prevent FrameIterator OOB Errors (#949)
6377 Unify map lookup logic across tf2esque engines. (fixes #927) (#931)
6376 Add snowball to CSWeaponID (#936)
6375 Add getter for Event.BroadcastDisabled (#946)
6374 Fix BfRead.BytesLeft not being able to be optional. (fixes #945).
6373 Bump non-critical versioning to 1.10 (#939)
6372 Upgrade SQLite from v3.22.0 to v3.26.0. (#935)
6371 Merge pull request #934 from alliedmodders/enum-structs
6366 Don't double-format in ReplyToCommand. (#932)
6365 Fix signed/unsigned compare on Windows.
6364 Add new CSGO weapon id's/itemdefs. (#929)
6363 Typo fix for CS:GO POSIX Extinguish gamedata.
6362 Update CS:GO contribution score offset.
6361 Hmm...
6360 Add new GiveNamedItem param for CS:GO.
6359 Update CS:GO SDKTools and SDKHooks offsets.
6358 Merge branch 'master' of
6356 Fix typo in fallback to "default" maplists section (#923)
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