SourceMod uses rolling releases, and updates are continuous. Updates to stable versions of SourceMod are small and non-disruptive. It is generally recommended to run the latest stable build, however, it is not necessarily urgent to upgrade when a newer build appears.

These are stable SourceMod builds. For development branch builds, see this page instead.

Latest downloads for version 1.11 - build 6927:

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Build Download Change Details Src
6927 Update TF2 gamedata for version 7757534 (2023-01-05) (#1901)
6926 Fix ReadMapList ignoring file's last modified time (#1891)
6924 entitylump: Output separator as spaces instead of tabs
6923 Trigger build for TF2 SDK update
6922 Trigger build against SDK update
6921 Ensure gameconfig file uniqueness when reading (#1859)
6920 Update TF2 gamedata.
6919 entitylump: Fix behavior of append (#1836)
6917 Enable CI on release branches (#1854)
6916 Fix DHooks jit code stack memory alignment (#1849)
6915 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo update
6914 Correct missed team offsets in CheckRestartRound (#1844)
6913 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo update
6912 Update gamedata for 2022/10/21 CS:GO update (#1842)
6911 Update SourcePawn.
6910 Fix build.
6906 Fix support for SDKCall returning non-networked entity (#1797)
6905 Log a notice if the geoip database gets too old (#1791)
6903 Trigger build against hl2sdk-csgo changes.
6902 Trigger build against hl2sdk-csgo changes.
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