SourceMod SDK  1.7
SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t Struct Reference

Holds the many command target info parameters. More...

#include <public/IPlayerHelpers.h>

Public Attributes

const char * pattern
int admin
cell_t * targets
cell_t max_targets
int flags
char * target_name
size_t target_name_maxlength
int target_name_style
int reason
unsigned int num_targets

Detailed Description

Holds the many command target info parameters.

Member Data Documentation

int SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t::admin

IN: Client admin index, or 0 if server .

int SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t::flags


cell_t SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t::max_targets

IN: Max targets (always >= 1)

unsigned int SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t::num_targets

OUT: Number of targets.

const char* SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t::pattern

IN: Target pattern string.

int SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t::reason


char* SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t::target_name

OUT: Buffer to store target name.

size_t SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t::target_name_maxlength

IN: Maximum length of the target name buffer.

int SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t::target_name_style

OUT: Target name style (COMMAND_TARGETNAME)

cell_t* SourceMod::cmd_target_info_t::targets

IN: Array to store targets.

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